What a delightful event this morning! My sense is, EVERYONE had a GREAT time, and learned a lot too. THANK YOU for a SUPERB presentation this morning.
— Liam Scalan, Principal, Scanlan & Associates



I’m a business developer. I do a lot of relationship building training and todays speech was awesome because it was the first time anybody ever talked about biology… Definitely take your biology seriously, listen to what you are learning and apply it.
— Erika Savoy, Certified Business Developer, Express Employment Professionals

“We were thrilled to have Max Collinge with us today speaking to our membership! This is the most energized I have ever seen our membership, plus we all walked away with some excellent training! ”
— Linda Johnson, CEO, Burlington Chamber of Commerce

Your presentation was most instructive and memorable. I think I have a new friend because of the eye contact exercise!
— Kathy Hashbarger, Marketing and Sales Manager, My Neighborhood News Network

We appreciated your taking time out of your busy schedule . We also all felt quite invigorated and positive after your good fun Exercises , quite excellent after a big meal.
— Muriel Boyd

I thought his tips were very helpful for interviewing. I’m going to be using his tips to hopefully get my dream internship for the summer!

— Nicolette Bender, President, Central Communication Agency

Today we had an outstanding speaker, Max Collinge talking on body language. It was an interesting and entertaining topic and I would recommend it to anyone
— Ray Coffey, President, Shoreline Rotary Club

Max is the Jack Daniels of speaking. Smooth!
— Paul Scott, Assistant Area Director, Toastmasters International

The way he switched between personal stories and facts was masterful
— Ben L. Portfolio Manager Russell Investments