When you are looking for a one of a kind, truly dynamic presentation...

Max Collinge combines effective communication techniques with new research on the mind body connection to create an energizing, actionable, and uplifting experience for your event. If you’re looking for something different, then take a look at what Max can do.

What people are saying

  • My sense is, EVERYONE had a GREAT time, and learned a lot too. THANK YOU for a SUPERB presentation this morning.
    — Liam Scalan, Principal, Scanlan & Associates
  • We were thrilled to have Max Collinge with us today speaking to our membership! This is the most energized I have ever seen our membership!
    — Linda Johnson, CEO, Burlington Chamber of Commerce
  • We appreciated your taking time out of your busy schedule . We also all felt quite invigorated and positive after your good fun Exercises.
    — Muriel Boyd
  • The way he switched between personal stories and facts was masterful.
    — Ben L. Portfolio Manager, Russell Investments

Some of the many great organizations I have been privileged to speak to

Not your typical communication skills keynote speaker

Science Based

Every speech combines entertaining exercises and stories along with practical communication techniques and the cutting edge science behind why they work. 

Max is not just another motivational leadership speaker, he is pioneering a whole new method to become a world-class communicator. 

The main idea behind this method: when we create positive emotions and express them fully other people like and trust us more.



Identity Level Change

The key idea behind every presentation is that good communication isn't what you do; it is who you are. 

By teaching leaders how to master their mindset and body language Max empowers them to create a positive emotional state which rubs off on everyone they meet. 

The best part? Audiences are left invigorated and in a hyper-social mood; perfect to kick off a sales or leadership conference.